My professional life has been based on dedication, commitment and honesty. All this, in addition to my experience, I will put at the service of anyone who trusts in our company, so that together we achieve success!

Valero Rivera López

What we do

We represent players from the world of handball.

We organize annually the Camp Valero Rivera, a children’s and youth handball camp in France.

We organize sports camps for clubs.


We represent players from the world of handball.

Camp Valero Rivera

Hello, everybody!
I am happy to announce that we are back with the second edition of Stage Valero Rivera.
After a first experience full of good moments, we are looking forward to meeting you again, to live together again a week of handball, where we will share our passion and many other activities.
The whole team is looking forward to seeing you again this summer.

See you soon!

Valero Rivera Folch

Sports camps

We offer you the possibility of organizing the stay of your club / training center or sports class in Barcelona.

We take care of what you need:

  • Accommodation search
  • Transport logistics
  • Search for training structures
  • Organisation of friendly matches
  • Visits to sports facilities
  • Cultural visits

Who we are

Who we are


Representation of players

Camp & Sports Camps